KamyaranIranian regime’s agents at the Kamyaran city in northwestern Iran, police station have beaten a young man to death, Harana news agency reported on Monday.

According to reports, Gholamreza Bayat experienced internal bleeding and went into a coma after being brutally beaten by the regime’s agents. He later lost his life.

KaramiA member of the Iranian regime’s Majlis (Parliament) has said that the clerical regime has not been able to dominate universities during the past 32 years after the 1979 revolution, the state-run Tabnak reported on Monday.

In reaction to the regime’s Minister of Science who had said that universities opposed to the regime would have to be destroyed, the Majlis deputy, Abdoljabar Karami, said regime officials should avoid making such statements, adding, “Instead of demolishing universities, we have to look back to our own wrong doings and see why in the past 32 years we have not been able to influence students.”

MahmanparastNCRI - The Iranian regime’s foreign ministry spokesman admitted to the painful impacts of international sanctions on the clerical regime, saying, “So, if we retreat, there would be nothing left for us.”

According to the state-run Fars news agency on Sunday, Ramin Mehmanparast, whose remarks were broadcast on state-run TV, said, “We do not welcome any sanctions or [punitive] resolutions. We don’t want to move towards resolutions. But, at the same time, we are not prepared to back away from our rights under pressure.”

Ahmadi-mullahWhile the government of the mullahs’ President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is grappling with a $140 billion debt, various parts of the economy and social services are taking huge blows.

According to a Aftab state-run news agency, 750,000 farmers have lost their jobs during the past five years alone.

FagherA cleric close to the Iranian regime says poverty in Iran has spun out of control. “On the other hand,” he added, “we see the enormous money provided to some people whose status is well known.”

Mullah Nasser Makarem Shirazi also referred to the hefty financial contracts involving actors and athletes.

NedaThe mother of a young woman whose death last year became a symbol of the anti-regime uprisings in Iran has demanded the trial of her daughter’s murderer by the International Court of Justice at the Hague, the International Human Rights Campaign reported on Monday.

SoleimaniAn Azeri student activist in Iran has undergone cruel torture in prison, according to his lawyer.

The lawyer described Younes Soleimni’s condition as “extremely bad.”

Iran ZendanWhile the Iranian regime’s maximum prison capacity is 80,000, there are now more than 205,000 prisoners in Iran, according to the latest semi-official statistics. In addition, more than 8 million legal cases are registered every year in the regime’s judiciary.

According to Alef website, which is affiliated with Ahmad Tavakkoli, the chairman of the regime’s Majlis (Parliament) Research Center, Iranian prisons are operating at close to 2.5 times over capacity.

Suni SaqzThe Iranian regime’s suppressive forces have attacked a number of Sunni residences and followers of the Allameh Moftizadeh order in Seqez. So far 10 people have been arrested.

According to Harana news agency, on August 19 and 20, the regime’s Special Guards, intelligence operatives, State Security Forces (SSF) and plainclothes agents attacked people attending a special Sunni religious ceremony for Ramadan at homes belonging to followers of Ahmad Moftizadeh (a Quran school). People were beaten with batons and six were taken to undisclosed locations.

Rahim SafaviThe former commander of the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards has voiced concern about the Iranian regime’s future and the devastating impact of international sanctions.

Rahim Safavi’s unusually frank comments were published on Sunday by the state-run Mehr news agency. “We are currently in extraordinarily complex political, cultural, economic, security and social circumstances. This is true with regards to regional, global and domestic spheres.”