Conflict Between Rouhani and Iranian Revolutionary Guards Intensifies

NCRI - While the Iranian regime’s president, Hassan Rouhani, praised the Iranian revolutionary guards (IRGC) on June 26 and said: “We must thank the IRGC for building strategic weapons and using them well,” the IRGC commander in chief in a reaction to Rouhani’s previous statements said: “If the government is ‘without a gun,’ it will be ‘humiliated’ and will ‘surrender’ to the enemies.”

Hassan Rouhani

NCRI - Following the announcement of Hassan Rouhani's support for IRGC missile attack to Deirazor, Seyyed Mahmoud Alavi, the intelligence minister said: "The decision to launch missile attack on Syria" was taken at the Supreme Council of Security and Rouhani, as head of the Security Council ordered armed forces to go ahead with the plan. It was approved by the top officials of the system. Alavi also emphasized the role of the Ministry of Information in providing intelligence to IRGC in connection with the attack.


NCRI - The Chair of Social Commission of the Iran regime’s Parliament, Salman Khodadadi on Tuesday, June 20 stated that nearly 1.3 million people became unemployed during the past year. He also admitted that some figures illustrate the 10 millions of increase in the level of unemployment.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

Elections held solely to strengthen religious dictatorship

Iran’s Assembly of Experts on June 19 issued a statement in response “to doubts regarding people’s role in an Islamic state.” This statement, shedding light on rifts amongst the regime’s ruling elite and an escalating power struggle following last month’s sham presidential election, is an unprecedented acknowledgement of the mullahs’ lack of “legitimacy” and “acceptability,” emphasizing once again that the people’s vote has no credibility in the mullahs’ regime and it’s only purpose is to strengthen the religious dictatorship’s status quo.

Iran's Recession and Unemployment to Stay

NCRI - According to former head of Tehran Economics University, the real unemployment rate is several times higher than officially announced and it’s not going to decrease in the near future. Earlier, regime’s labor minister had also announced that the country’s unemployment rate would not decrease in the next few years.

Ali Motahar

NCRI - Along with the escalation of factional infightings among various regime’s factions, over recent Khamenei’s order to regime’s agents about “fire at will”, Iran's regime deputy parliament speaker in response to this order said: ‘the fire at will is bilateral”, for example, if freedom of speech is disregarded, here are students, and also other people, who will dispose fire, and the same will be for whatsoever reason, when the authorities have not fulfilled their duties.

Iran: Tehran University's PhD Students Hold Protest Rally

NCRI - On Wednesday June 14, 2017. A group of Tehran University PhD students staged a gathering outside the Ministry of Education protesting difficult conditions placed on special PhD loans, being denied their rights and proper living conditions and deprived of monthly financial support.