Iran: Hundreds Rally in Protest Against the Death Penalty

Call to condition any deal with the clerical regime on stopping execution and torture

On the morning of April 9, 2017, hundreds of families of prisoners on death row, especially women, rallied in front of parliament, demanding the abolition of the death penalty.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran 

In a heinous crime on April 5, 2017, a seriously ill prisoner was hanged in Esfahan prison. Houshang Servati was executed while two days earlier, after his transfer to solitary confinement, had suffered a heart attack. He had five children.

Iran: Increasing Number of People Living in City Outskirts

NCRI - 20 million people are living in Iran’s city outskirts, according to the regime’s parliamentary Social Commission chair. In a recent interview with state TV, Salman Khodadadi said 35% of the country’s population is living in such conditions, adding this is not an issue that can be resolved in a short period.

Dr. Mohamed Foras al-Jendi, Health Minister of the Syrian transition government

NCRI - In an interview with INTV from near Idlib, Dr. Mohamed Foras al-Jendi, Health Minister of the Syrian transition government, stipulated the high number of casualties in the Khan Sheikhoun attack was due to Assad’s use of toxic gas, adding the number of casualties may rise.

 Ebrahim Raisi

NCRI - Ebrahim Raisi was born in 1960. He entered the clerical regime’s judiciary from the first years of the regime. He started his work as assistant prosecutor in Karaj (West of Tehran) when he was 18 years old. He became the prosecutor of the revolutionary court of Karaj when he was just 19.

 Syrian Free Army ‘Issam Al Reis’

NCRI - While denouncing the Iranian regime’s interventions in Syria, a member of the Syrian opposition delegation in Geneva and spokesman for the Syrian Free Army ‘Issam Al Reis’ emphasized in his interview with the Iranian Resistance’s Satellite TV on solidarity of the Syrian revolution and people with the Resistance of Iran.

Iranian trap targeting the U.S. in Mosul

Iranian trap targeting the U.S. in Mosul

Iran has an operative presence on Iraqi and Syrian territories through Iranian fighters and military leaders who are in command of Shiite militias. Some of them are Arabs who joined the Popular Mobilization in Iraq, Hezbollah in Syria or non-Arab militias recruited by Iran to fight in Syria under the pretext of fighting ISIS. Wrote Sawsan Al Shaer in Al-Arabiya on April 3,2017.


NCRI - According to Quds terrorist group’s Tasnim news agency, former Member of Parliament’s board of directors Mehrdad Bazrpash said that “the Islamic Republic of Iran’s main problem is not the United States, being attacked by ISIS, or threatened by some western countries, but it lies elsewhere. The Islamic Republic of Iran’s main threat is that 38 years (after the revolution) people feel that the regime is not able to address their problems properly.”