Youths in Shiraz ward off regime’s suppressive forces

A number of young people in Iran resisted attempts by the Iranian regime’s suppressive forces in the city of Shiraz to intimidate a female pedestrian under the pretext of “mal-veiling.”

The Iranian regime causes regular nuisance for Iranian women, forcing them to comply with its veiling dictates in an attempt to control half the population. But these attempts have been met with fierce resistance by residents in various cities.


According to the state-run Jahan News website on Monday, last week when a regime agent tried to warn a female passerby about her veiling, he was met with angry protests by other passersby.

The state-run news agency added that the regime’s State Security Forces (SSF) had to get involved to resolve the matter. But, “due to SSF’s reaction, the protests became more heated.”

The duration of the protests forced the regime’s governor in Shiraz to get involved and to personally order the SSF to suppress protestors.

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