Young protestor dies after being beaten by regime agents

A young protestor has died in Iran as a result of being brutally beaten by the regime’s repressive forces, according to news reports.

Behnoud Ramezani, who had participated in Tuesday’s uprising against the clerical regime was identified by the paramilitary Bassij Force and plainclothes agents. He was later ambushed and beaten violently by the agents.

On Tuesday night the Iranian people marked the Fire Festival by using bonfires and fireworks while engaging in anti-regime protests.

Some reports indicate that the agents had discovered fireworks on Mr. Ramezani and exploded the material close to his body, resulting in severe injuries to his stomach.

The young protestor was transferred to a hospital where he died a few hours later as a result of his injuries.

Reports indicate that the regime’s suppressive agents led by the commander of Bassij in the Narmak area in Tehran later tried to enter the hospital but faced resistance by hospital staff.

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