Yemeni religious leader calls for return of Camp Liberty resident to Ashraf

NCRI – A prominent Yemeni religious leader blamed the Iranian regime and the government of Nouri al-Malliki for the February 9 deadly rocket attack on Camp Liberty and called on United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to immediately declare the camp residents as refugees.

Sheikh Hamoud Hashem Al-Zarhi, member of Yemeni Scholars and International Union of Muslim Scholars said we support the demands of Camp Liberty residents to return to Ashraf.

Camp Liberty located near Baghdad airport houses members of Iranian opposition, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of iran (PMOI/MEK).

Sheikh Al-Zarhi said: “Transferring them from Ashraf was cruel act.” “The Iranian regime is fearful of any voice of dissents.”

“We protest aggression by the Iranian regime… We are suffering from that regime here and in other Arab countries such as Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain as well as other places.” And “In Syria Iranian regime’s meddling has been exposed,” he added.

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