Yemen organization calls for Liberty recognized as refugee camp

The Yemen National Organization for Human Rights and Democracy Development issued a statement condemning Maliki’s pressures against Ashraf and Liberty residents, and called on the United Nations for the recognition of Camp Liberty as a refugee camp, in addition to measures to impose Maliki’s government to cancel the inhumane siege placed on camps Ashraf and Liberty.

The United States and European Union Member States should support the UN measure to allow this camp, like many other refugee camps that the UNHCR supervises in various countries including Yemen, be placed under the direct supervision of this UN body, the statement adds.
The US should not allow the rights of these Iranian refugees in Iraq be violated and it should provide protection for the refugees based on recognized international laws, the Yemen organization added.
Human rights activists are following up on this subject and they call on the UN and UN Security Council to impel the Iraqi government to lift the inhumane siege against Ashraf and Liberty residents, the statement continues.

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