World sees regime as barbaric, Iranian state-run website admits

A state-run website in Iran admitted on Sunday that the world considers the religious dictatorship ruling Iran as a “barbaric” system, and wrote, “Westerners consider us to be barbaric human beings. … Under the influence of the enemy’s intense propaganda, the contemporary world sees us as violent beings whose criminal behaviour cannot be tamed, and making matters worse, they say that we are pursuing nuclear weapons.”


The state-run Jahan News also referred to the widespread hatred in the world against the clerical regime for its extensive human rights abuses and death sentences such as stoning, and added, “If we continue to remain silent in this regard, we would not even be able to defend our families in the future. The enemy’s next step will be to neutralize our instruments for controlling society. They want us to fear fiascos they create over human rights and their media campaigns and thus make us lose our ability to punish and control our own society.”

The article also voices fear over the effects of satellites and the internet in Iran, saying, “A significant portion of society is influenced by satellite, the internet and other western cultural products, rendering them unable to live a religious life.”

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