With the transfer of another agent responsible for two massacres and siege of Ashraf to Liberty, the siege and suppression of Liberty intensifies

Camp Liberty-No. 35
Warning to the US, UN Secretary General, UN High Commissioners for Refugees and Human Rights about another humanitarian catastrophe
Since June 2, 2012, the Iraqi government has transferred Capt. Ahmad Hossein Khozeir, one of the people responsible for two massacres and implementing 3.5 years old inhumane siege of Ashraf, along with a team of mercenaries under his command, to Liberty, in order to give a new dimension to its inhumane behavior and suppression and siege of Liberty.

1. On December 2, 2009, Dr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras, the Vice President of the European Parliament and President of the international committee of In Search of Justice (ISJ), wrote to Maliki and other Iraqi, US and UN officials: “Ahmad Khozeir is an agent of the Iranian regime and is fabricating files against Ashraf residents, has threatened their families and prevents the entry of necessities”.
2. This mercenary is in direct contact with the Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad and the terrorist Qods force, and had the most responsibility for setting up the Revolutionary Guards’ eavesdropping and jamming stations around Ashraf, as well as installing 320 loudspeakers for the Ministry of Intelligence in four corners of Ashraf that over 670 days exerted an unprecedented psychological torture on Ashraf residents.
3. He is in direct contact with Iraqi Prime Ministry Committee tasked to suppress Ashraf residents and was the main factor in applying 3.5 years old inhumane siege on Ashraf. During inspection of goods, by damaging, returning or delaying in the loading dock, he has inflicted hundreds of thousands of dollars damages to the residents and was beating and harassing many contractors and drivers.
4. Ahmad Khozeir was present in two massacres of July 2009 and April 2011, that killed 47 and wounded more than 1000 people. Moreover he was a key factor in many other violent assaults including on April 7, 2012 in which 29 residents were injured.
5. He was one of the people responsible for turning the New Iraq hospital to physical and psychological torture centre for Ashraf residents, and an important factor in preventing terminally ill patients to access medical facilities. Many times, he used sirens and armoured vehicles after midnight to deprive the residents from rest and intimidate them.
6. During the transfer of residents to Liberty and inspection process, he was harassing, humiliating and psychologically torturing the residents. When residents were boarding the buses, he was queuing Ministry of Intelligence agents to threaten them.
7. This criminal officer, upon his arrival in Liberty in the first hour on Saturday June 2, prevented the entry of engineers and technicians to repair the generators and created new hurdles for the patients for going to medical facilities.
8. Monday morning of June 4, a minibus carrying 16 residents from Liberty to UNHCR location two kilometers away and escorted by representatives of the UNHCR, to do daily routines of past three and half months for interviews, encountered objections by Ahnad Khozeir. He and his subordinates tried to board the minibus and harass the residents who opposed them. These obstructions practically caused the cancellation of the interviews of the residents.
The Iranian resistance draws the attention of the UN Secretary General and High Commissioner for refugees, US Secretary of States and the EU High Representative on Foreign Affairs to ominous and suppressive plans of the mullahs’ regime and the Iraqi government in Liberty and urges their intervention to force the Iraqi government to uphold its commitments about Ashraf and Liberty residents.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 4, 2012


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