With temperatures at 50 degrees of Celsius, forces under Maliki’s command prevent fuel tankers to enter Ashraf

Camp Ashraf Military Occupation – No. 125

No kerosene or gasoil has entered Ashraf for the last two months and no gasoline for the last six months

In an anti-human measure, forces under command of Maliki have prevented any gasoline to enter Ashraf for the last six months and since two months ago, no other kind of fuel has been allowed to enter Ashraf. Under a 50 degree Celsius heat (about 148 degrees of Fahrenheit) and at a time when there are repeated power outages, lack of fuel and failing generators have caused many serious problems in vital services whose dimensions reach new heights every day. Many cooling units, freezer rooms, refrigerators, and medical equipment are rendered nonoperational and many difficulties are created for the residents, especially for the ailing and the wounded people.

On May 29, the Iraqi forces stopped a fuel tanker, which was purchased by the residents, to enter Ashraf and forced it to return and since then they have not allowed a single tanker to enter Ashraf.

The last gasoline tanker entered Ashraf last February after many months of obstruction, and since then, no other gasoline tanker has been allowed to enter.

Although during the last two and a half years Iraqi forces were regularly obstructing entry of fuel tankers to Ashraf, since the criminal attack of April 8, the Committee for Suppression of Ashraf at the Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister has completely stopped any fuel to enter Ashraf in order to further pressure the residents.

This atrocious blockade is happening while a large portion of Ashraf’s electric power, which is paid for by the residents, is used by the Iraqi suppressive forces and by the agents of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and their [hundreds of] loudspeakers surrounding Ashraf.

The full ban on fuel entry into Ashraf has been repeatedly reported to the American and the UN officials and the UN representatives have inspected Ashraf’s fuel reserves and have closely witnessed the fact that Ashraf’s fuel reserves are quite low and about to finish.

Prevention of fuel to enter, as well as obstruction in accessing medical services, is obvious violation of Geneva Conventions and many other articles of the international humanitarian laws and international human rights laws and is considered crime against humanity and those responsible for it should be tried and punished.

The Iranian Resistance asks the American government and forces, and the United Nations to fulfill their international and legal obligations and bring an end to this anti-human siege and do not allow the Iranian regime to continue such atrocities against its opponents through its proxies in Iraq.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 12, 2011

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