With PMOI supporters on death row,Iranian regime FM claims there are no political executions in Iran

Germany’s Deutsche Welle radio broadcasted a report about recent remarks made by the Iranian regime’s foreign minister that there have been no political executions by the mullahs in Iran.

On Monday, Manouchehr Mottaki, the mullahs’ Foreign Minister, told the weekly German magazine Der Spiegel that, “No one in Iran has been executed on political grounds.”


In reaction to the absurd statement, Deutsche Welle reported that in June the Iranian regime’s supreme court confirmed the death sentence of Mohammad Ali Haji Aqai and Jafar Kazemi on charges of cooperation with the main opposition Peoples’ Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

The German radio added that the two men were arrested after popular protests erupted in June 2009 against the clerical regime. “Nassim Ghanavi, who is attorney for Jafar Kazemi, tells Deutsche Welle that her client was arrested in September 2009. He previously spent 10 years in prison for political activities until 1991. According to Ms. Ghanavi, her client’s sentence is due to be implemented and he can be executed at any moment.”

Ms. Ghanavi told the radio, “[Kazemi] has been sentenced to execution on charges of having contacts with the PMOI. We appealed to Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court and the case was sent to Branch 36 of an appeals court in Tehran province. Unfortunately, the ruling was confirmed there and currently it is a firm ruling which may be implemented at any moment.”

According to the radio, two others, Mohammad-Ali Saremi and Farah Vazehan, who were arrested during an anti-regime rally on December 27, 2009, have also been sentenced to death by the clerical regime. Ms. Vazehan is a mother of two and was arrested on charges of taking pictures during the rally. The regime set up a trial against Ms. Vazehan last month where she was sentenced to death on charges of having contacts with the PMOI, Deutsche Welle said.


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