Warning to Nouri Maliki’s government about consequences of the Spanish court ruling and influence of the Iranian regime

In a statement, Mrs. Etab al-Duri, member of al-Iraqi, warned Maliki’s government about the consequences of Spanish court ruling and said: The Iraqi government should be aware of the consequences and effects of this ruling. The Iraqi government should turn a new page on camp Ashraf, they are serious about correcting their actions on this matter, al-Malaf site reported om August 2.

 If the government is serious about correcting its actions on this matter, it should turn a new page on camp Ashraf. Ashraf residents are protested persons under international conventions and covenants, and assaulting them will have negative effects which is not in the benefits of Iraq.

She reiterated: the Spanish court ruling must be examined by the political fractions to determine their positions regarding the ruling.

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