Warning on mullahs’ Ministry of Intelligence and Quds Force plot to terror Iraqi journalist Safi al-Yasseri

In a status of discouragement and complete hatred on the Iraqi people’s support for Ashraf residents on one hand, and public abhorrence regarding the mullahs’ crimes and interference in Iraq and especially its crimes against Ashraf on the other, the Iranian regime has resorted to threatening and intimidating noble Iraqis and intellectuals.

In a recent example, a branch of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security known as the “HabilianAssociation” and the IRGC-affiliated Fars news agency, along with a number of other state-run media outlets have through a fabricated and ridiculous story attempted to pave the grounds for the assassination of renowned Iraqi writer and journalist Safi al-Yasseri.

They wrote: “Following the discontent mentioned by the writer and Batthi agent of the Monafeqin (term used by the Iranian regime for the PMOI) regarding the small amount of money received from this sect, and threatening to reveal his past cooperation and those of other Iraqi writers with the Monafeqin, the leaders of this grouplet have threatened him with death…The Monafeqin have reminded al-Yasseri if he resorts to disclosures against them, he will be eliminated and since he is an opponent of the Iraqi government, they will hold the government of this country or the HabilianAssociation responsible on all the allegations. Therefore, future assessments regarding the actual perpetrators of his death will be futile.”

Due to his opposition to the Iranian regime’s meddling and his support of Ashraf residents’ legitimate rights, Safi al-Yasseri has been threatened time and again. These threats escalated especially after he revealed and condemned a speech delivered by Danai’i Far, the mullahs’ envoy in Baghdad. At the beginning of his mission in Iraq, Danai’i Far had threatened to prosecute all Iraqi’s who oppose the mullahs’ meddling in Iraq.

Last year, the Iranian regime’s agents wrote a threat letter to al-Yasseri saying: “The Habilian website announces the completion of the first phase of Safi al-Yasseri’s judicial case focused on gathering documents and criminal evidence.”They ridiculously called, “Any information on the criminal record of this individual and his cooperation with terror groups should be transferred to the (Habilian) organization.”

Mr. Yasseri wrote in a letter to the UN Secretary General on 1 October 2011 pointing out the Mullahs’ regime’s recent fictions: Through these threats, the Iranian regime and its elements “intend to prevent me from my revelations of the crimes committed against Iranian refugees at Camp Ashraf … Through this declaration, they want to threaten me and blame the PMOI for it. This is an organization that,while being our guests, has been attacked twice in my country, which led to the death of 47 people and the injury of hundreds … Take this threat very seriously and record my letter as an official document and provide protection for me, my family and my Iraqi brothers in the media, which the same threat looms over them.”

This is not the first time that the Mullahs’ regime affiliates its horrific crimes to its opposition. In the past, the MOIS has blamed the PMOI for the murder of three Christian priests, the atrocious explosion of the Imam Reza Shrine in Mashhad and the killing of pilgrims in Mecca in 1987. Thereafter, during the internal power struggle, officials of the regime admitted that these crimes were perpetrated by the MOIS. During the 2009 uprisings, the regime claimed that the PMOI, the US, UK and France had jointly murdered Ms. Neda Agha-Soltan.

Following this year’s April 8thmassacre of Ashraf residents, the regime said that the PMOI murdered Ashraf residents in order to hold Iraqi forces responsible.
The Iranian Resistance warns of the religious fascism ruling Iran’s conspiracy against the life of Mr. Yasseri, and while emphasizing that the regime’s embassy is responsible for any harm brought upon him, calls on relevant international organs to take urgent action to protect the life of Mr. Yasseri.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 5, 2011

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