Video- Iranian regime’s theorist: We must get ready for global operations

Hassan Rahimpour Azghandi who is a member of the Iranian regime’s  “Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution” and an important theoretician for mullahs’ regime said in a televised speech last week that: “We must get ready for global operations.”

On Friday, September 23, 2011, he addressed a gathering of “Iran-Iraq war veterans” and offered his plan for Iranian regime’s foreign policy.

Azghandi’s speech was aired on Iranian regime’s state-run TV which regularly broadcast his speech every Friday following the Friday Prayers.

The following are excerpts from his last aired speech:

“Imam (Khomeini) stated from the outset:”We export our revolution.” These are his exact words. Do you not remember?

It is no joke that in a matter of seven months four Arab Governments were overthrown. We must prepare ourselves for a global conflict. Those working in intelligence and  subversive operations must get ready.

Instead of being assigned to the border regions, as it has been the case so far, frontline for our battle is from now on all over the world.

We must be ready to go to Latin America to fight. Go to East Asia to fight.  Go to the heart of Europe. We must get ready for global operations.

We have become old. The next generation should be brought up in a way that they would be ready for the next 3-4 decades.”

To view short clip of excerpts of his speech click here.

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