Vice- President of Iraq and two intimates of Maliki visit Tehran – Mullahs’ plans against Ashraf

During his trip to Tehran and meetings with clerical regime’s leaders, the Vice-President of Iraq Khozair al-Khazaie, a leader of al-Dawa Party and an intimate of Maliki, reiterated Maliki’s obligations to the religious fascism ruling Iran in suppressing and pressuring residents of Ashraf. In this trip, Khazaie was accompanied by Adnan Asaadi, Iraqi deputy Interior Minister, and Shia Soudani, the so-called Minister of Human Rights, both from Maliki’s band and from the al-Dawa Party.

Following his meeting with Ahmadinejad, Khazaie said: “We share the same views on the PMOI. To the testimony of the whole world, they are a terrorist organization that has equally damaged both Iran and Iraq’s security and we are intent on expelling them from our country. We have spoken with the UN and given them six months. Up to this point, we have transferred two groups of them to Camp Liberty.” In a ludicrous fashion he added: the clerical regime “has declared its readiness to accept those who want to return to Iran, given that they do not have a criminal record”. (Iraqi President Website, March 10)

Statements made by Khazaie and negotiations of the Iraqi delegation to Tehran once again prove that the plan to suppress and relocate Ashraf residents is an Iranian dictate in its entirety implemented by Maliki with no questions asked. Repeating mullahs’ fabrications against PMOI is clear indication of a preparation for intensification of suppression and massacre of Ashraf residents; otherwise, as far as Iraqi people are concerned, in their declarations of 5.2 million in June 2006 and 3 million Iraqi Shiites in the south in June 2008, they consider PMOI as their strategic ally to achieve security, peace and democracy and hence allegations of PMOI’s interference in Iraqi internal affairs are sheer lies fabricated by the Iranian regime.

The Iranian Resistance warns of conspiracies by the clerical regime and its cohorts in Iraq and calls on the UN and U.S. to obstruct these ominous intentions and another catastrophe from repeating itself by providing the minimum assurances for residents of Ashraf and Liberty.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 13, 2012

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