Using dispatched MOIS agents to confront the wave of international outrage and condemnation

Camp Ashraf military Occupation – NO. 70

While Maliki is still preventing the burial ceremony of 34 Ashraf residents’ martyrs, and engineering battalions are busy clearing the lands and destroying the evidence of this atrocity in Ashraf’s northern parts; in conditions where top secret documents and operation orders for the attack on Ashraf are being disclosed in countries all across the world by the Iranian Resistance; Khamenei and Maliki, in order to confront the wave of internal outrage and international condemnation and in a bid to justify their crimes, have resorted to employ infamous Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) agents around Ashraf, and stage ridiculous TV shows in Iraq and Iran.

Three days after the massacre in Ashraf, the mullahs’ MOIS once again resumed dispatching its agents from Iran to Iraq under the guise of ‘family’ or ‘former members’, so that by raising the number of loudspeakers around Ashraf it could applaud and praise the deathsman (Maliki), and by propagating lies in state-TVs, pose the victim (defenseless Ashraf residents) as culprit!
– On the days of 12, 15 and 17 April 2011, 18 agents under such guises have been dispatched from Iran to Ashraf.

– On 17 April, a woman by the name of Khodabandeh (Singleton), who resides in the UK and is a well-known MOIS agent sometimes seen serving for the mullahs in the notorious Evin Prison, along with an Iraqi element of the mullahs by the name of Ahlam al-Maliki and a number of other MOIS and terrorist Quds Force agents, who had covered their faces, were blaring profanity at the residents near the camps perimeter fence, and taking footage.

The dispatch of these agents to Iraq and Ashraf comes at a time when that despite all appeals, not even one of the Ashraf residents’ families and lawyers, in any country in the world, has been granted visa to come to Iraq for the past 28 months.

– On Tuesday, April 19th, following the revelation of a top-secret document on the Ashraf attack during numerous conferences held in various capitals that same morning, Mohammad al-Askari, Maliki’s spokesman in Iraq’s Ministry of Defense, hurriedly and ineptly brought to Iraq’s state-run television three newly dispatched agents from Iran. Using the Iranian regime’s well-known tactics and tags against the PMOI, these agents attempted to justify the massacre in Ashraf and literally wash Maliki’s bloody hands. It wasn’t clear how Iraq’s Ministry of Defense and its spokesman are related to the “former members” and “families” of the PMOI!
According to received information, these three agents were handed over to Muhammad al-Askari by Sadeq Muhammad Kazem, deputy of the Ashraf Suppression Committee in the Iraqi Prime Ministry, upon coordination with Danaifar, Tehran’s ambassador in Iraq. It should be noted that Sadeq Muhammad Kazem is under prosecution by the Spanish National Court. These three agents were handed to al-Askari to appear before Iraq’s state-television and then be returned to the mullahs’ embassy. Minutes after Maliki’s television (al-Iraqiya), state-run televisions in Iran began airing the same absurd show.

General Muhammad al-Askari, whose series of lies are well-known to everyone, claimed in this ridiculous show: “The Iraqi government has precise information that a large number of Ashraf residents have the desire to leave this camp…Dozens have been able to escape and surrender themselves.”

Lies are a sign of prostration vis-à-vis the consequences of the grave crime against humanity in Ashraf, and the wave of domestic abhorrence and international condemnations. It is because of such excessive lies that in their nationwide protests the Iraqi people chant “Liar, Maliki, Liar”.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 20, 2011



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