US urges Swiss government to be firmer on Iranian regime

The US ambassador to Switzerland has urged Bern to take a tougher line on the Iranian regime.

According to the Swiss daily Basler Zeitung and Swissinfo on Wednesday, Donald Beyer said Washington had asked the Swiss government to adopt the sanctions imposed by the US and the European Union.

Although Switzerland acts as a neutral mediator between the US and the Iranian regime, the US ambassador says, “That is precisely why it is all the more important for Switzerland to back these sanctions. That would give a clear signal to Iran.”
The daily said, “Last July, the Swiss authorities announced they were examining the sanctions, which include a gas and oil embargo and restrictions on financial transfer payments from Iran.”
Basler Zeitung added, “So far Switzerland has banned the export of some war material to Iran in line with the United Nations’ call. It has also frozen some Iranian assets and has barred more than 30 Iranians from entering Switzerland.”

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