US State Department follows Martin Kobler in targeting the victims

Iranians, thousands of parliamentarians and Camp Liberty residents seek the dismissal and trial of Martin Kobler, and yet the US State Department is decieved by him

NCRI – Following the transfer of 30 Liberty residents to Albania, once again a US State Department spokesperson, instead of commending the efforts by the leadership of MEK and the Iranian resistance for arranging this transfer at huge cost and hardship, followed Martin Kobler in targeting the victims. This is while the UNHCR representatives and even Martin Kobler thanked the Camp leadership and the Iranian resistance for their cooperation in transferring this group.

Statement of the State Department spokesperson, which is an exact of copy of Matin Kobler lies, calls on the “Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) to cooperate fully with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) process to relocate Camp Hurriya residents outside of Iraq as expeditiously as possible.”

Residents and the MEK have gone extra miles beyond UNHCR expectations for resettlement. They have already provided to UNCHR the names of 400 people to move to Albania, and 100 to move to Germany and have pledged to cover all of the costs. But so far only 44 people, less than 9 percent of them have been transferred to Albania.

This is about 2 percent of the 2,000 who have already been interviewed by UNHCR and less than one and a half percent of the total population of Liberty. This outcome, 16 months after relocation to Liberty, is a catastrophic failure of the project of rapid transfer of residents to third countries that Kobler used with full support of the U.S. government, to send the residents to Liberty prison.

Today Kobler wants to put the blame on the MEK to cover the bitter truth. Is the State Department spokesperson aware that Secretary Kerry told the Congress on April 17 and 18, that to resettle Liberty residents, “We have contacted countless countries; we have been refused by countless countries”?

Blaming the MEK for lack of cooperation with illusive resettlement simply gives the clerical regime and its agents in Iraq an excuse to massacre the residents.

State Department spokesperson says: “The MEK leadership has an obligation to ensure residents are able to engage openly and freely with UN human rights monitors, UNHCR personnel and UNAMI representatives.”

This is while the UNHCR teams are in the camp twice daily, in the morning and in the evening, spending hours in the camp to talk to residents and there are no restrictions on private conversation with anyone.

The photos of the monitors’ visits and access to anyone anywhere are also available and are publishable. This is despite the fact that Kobler’s agents on many occasions go to the resting areas of men, women and patients during resting time and with an inhumane behaviour take pictures and videos and make provocative gestures.

While four months after the missile attack of February 9 none of the basic security requirements in Liberty have been provided, the urgent issue of the residents is their security not the interviews especially that only 2 percent of those interviewed have been transferred outside Iraq. By continuing the interviews and returning to “business as usual”, Kobler wants to forget the security issue. Unfortunately, the State Department spokesperson also with a general and side reference to this issue ignores direct and unavoidable responsibility of the US government in safety and security of the Liberty residents.

Returning protective T-walls, transferring the vests, protective helmets, and medical equipment of the residents from Ashraf to Liberty, expanding the area of Liberty and allowing construction, are minimum requirements that since February 9, the residents and their representatives have discussed hundreds of times with Iraqi, U.S. and United Nations officials and they would pay its costs but none have been achieved and today, Liberty is as vulnerable as it was on February 9.

Ashraf and Liberty residents are all protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention and the U.S. government signed an agreement with each and every one of them that in exchange of disarming them, it will protect them until their final disposition. Moreover, Ashraf residents, with the guarantee of the U.S. government that it would support their safety and security in Liberty (Four party agreement of August 17, 2012) were transferred to Liberty. Secretary Clinton stated on December 25, 2011 that U.S. diplomats will visit the Liberty regularly and frequently and the US officials promised to have a robust presence in Liberty, which has been quickly forgotten.

While thousands of legislators in both sides of Atlantic and Iranians in various cities across Europe and North America in their rallies and sit-ins demand that Kobler must be brought to justice for his complicity in crimes against humanity, and while complaints and judicial prosecution against him by the victims’ families are under way, while a large number of European parliamentarians stated in Kobler’s presence on May 29 that he should be fired, it is unfortunate that the State Department spokesperson is deceived by him, applauds him and repeats his words against residents of Liberty which does not help in any way to the security and safety and resettlement of Liberty residents to whom the US has responsibility.

MEPs explicitly told Kobler in the Foreign Affairs Committee session of the European Parliament that he had intrigued them, showed them doctored photos, and lied to them about the situation of Liberty. Kobler had no response except to dishonestly attack the MEK and describe them as undemocratic.

The “international committee In Search of Justice” (ISJ), which represents 4000 parliamentarians on both sides of the Atlantic, in its statement of May 30 pointing out to previous similar positions by the US State Department officials said they “must immediately correct their statements and not allow them to be an excuse for another attack against the residents, especially because these statements are made while not even a single one of the Liberty residents who are refugees in the U.S. has been allowed to return to America. From February 2012, when the residents went to Liberty, until 15th of May of this year, only 8 people were relocated abroad; but during the same time period 8 people were killed due to the February 9th attack and 6 people lost their lives due to lack of medical services.” This committee “calls for an end to such untruthful statements by the State Department officials, which can be abused by the Iraqi government and the Iranian regime to pave the way for another massacre.”

Liberty residents in a May 30, 2013 statement that has been signed by more than 3000 residents and sent to the US and UN officials, Security Council members, stated that Kobler must be brought to justice and added: “Given that Kobler’s continuous and systematic lies are a clear attempt to pave the way for our massacre, we call on the United States government, the United Nations, the European Union, and the European parliament to form a fact-finding international delegation to visit Camp Liberty in the presence of our representatives and lawyers with adequate time and to speak freely with anyone they wish to discover the truth and to publicly announce their findings for everyone’s information. We guarantee our outmost cooperation with this delegation. Now if any side refrains from forming this delegation, does not grant entry to it, or stonewalls against it, then that party demonstrates that it totally lacks goodwill and is involved in the massacre of Liberty residents.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 4, 2013

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