US Prof’s comments ignite more bickering among regime factions

A recent revelation about televised comments by an American professor that the Iranian regime will eventually change has provoked more bickering among the clerical regime’s factions, with some asking the mullahs’ President to take back the house the professor received as a gift in Esfahan.

Professor Richard Frye said in an interview with CNN, the clip of which has become available online, that the theocracy in Iran “is going to change anyhow and it will change.”

Some of the regime’s media outlets picked up on the comments and a regime official in Majlis (Parliament) asked Ahmadinejad to take back a house in the city of Esfahan he had given as a gift to Mr. Frye.

Ahmadinejad had provided the valuable and elegant residential property to Mr. Frye, who attended a recent conference in Tehran ostensibly organized as a gathering of “exiled Iranians.”

A state-run news agency wrote this week in a discourteous article that, “Richard Frye, a Jewish American and one of the founders of the fabricated school of Iran, responded to a pointed question by a CNN host who said Iran ‘is being run by mullahs and Ayatollahs,’ by saying, ‘in every country there are good people and bad people … theocracy in Iran is going to change anyhow and it will change.’”

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