US House Speaker: Iranian regime is the number one threat in Middle East

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner said in a statement Friday that the Iranian regime is ‘the number one threat to the entire region’ and ‘a state sponsor of terror’ with ‘no interest in a stable Iraq.’

Congressman Boehner said the Obama administration should not soften demands on Iran to help stalled talks for a nuclear arms deal.

“Iran is a state-sponsor of terror. It has no interest in a stable, strong Iraq. The country has a deplorable human rights record, and it still has American hostages.

Furthermore, there is no evidence that Iran intends to comply with honest transparency and accountability measures over its nuclear ambitions. At a time when we are asking other governments in the Middle East to help the United States take on and destroy ISIL, we are giving a pass to Iran, which is the number one threat to the entire region.”

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