US General: Iranian regime’s extensive terrorist meddling and supplying of militias in Iraq

The deputy commander of American forces in Iraq’s central region issued a warning on Saturday regarding the Iranian regime’s meddling and aid to Iraqi militias, according to al-Sharqiya TV.

The TV station reported: American military forces have once again charged the Iranian regime with supporting and backing armed Iraqi groups and carrying out deadly attacks inside the country.

General Ralph Baker, the deputy commander of US forces in central Iraq, said American forces have evidence showing that “Kataeb Hizbollah” and “Rouz-e Mowud” groups, which are supported and have contacts with the Iranian regime’s Qods Force, have received intensive training in Iran in preparation of carrying out attacks inside Iraq and to bomb the Green Zone and military bases.

General Baker added that the two mentioned groups are responsible for carrying out previous attacks on the Green Zone. Members of the Rouz Mowud group also received training in Iran recently on how to launch rockets. “We know,” General Baker was quoted as saying, “that the Iranian regime trains militias and supplies them with weapons and ammunitions. In view of this threat for Iraqi citizens, the only way to confront missile and mortar attacks is to inform security forces who the culprits are and where they live.”

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