U.S. Army Spokesman: Iranian Qods Force has investment projects in Iraq to support armed groups in Iraq

According to al-Sumeria TV, Jeffrey Buchanan, US Army spokesman in Iraq said that Iranian Qods Force has investment projects in Karbala and Najaf to support active armed groups in Iraq.

He said: “Hezbollah Brigades receive support from Quds Forces. These brigades are still active in Iraq. Some trade businesses and investment projects including hotels and restaurants in Karbala and Najaf are funding Iranian Quds Forces.”

Buchanan added that he believed that this was an example of “a foreign country attempting to control Iraq on the political, economic and military levels. We are exchanging these information with the Iraqi Government.”

Ali Hatam Sulaiman, a tribal leader of al-Dulaim said: There are Iraqis who are unfortunately called Iraqis, but they have the dual nationality of Iranian and Iraqi and have come to Iraq to carry out Iran’s plans. Through the Parliament, governmental institutions, and the political processes, Iranian regime is officially imposing its hegemony on the entirety of Iraq.

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