US ambassador: Investigations will continue about Camp Ashraf incidents

Following the release of a statement by a visiting US congressional delegation to Iraq, al-Hurra TV reported that the US ambassador to Iraq, James Jeffrey, has announced, “Investigations about the incidents in Camp Ashraf will continue and the Iraqi government, security forces and the residents of this camp must cooperate to complete the investigations.”

US media sources reported yesterday and today that the US congressional delegation’s stance about investigations regarding incidents at Camp Ashraf exploded a political bomb on the path of Nouri al-Maliki and the US State Department.

Maliki was so infuriated about the delegation’s stance that he violated diplomatic protocols and without the knowledge of Iraq’s Foreign Ministry ordered his spokesman Ali Dabbaq to inform the media bout the expulsion of the congressional delegation. No official initiative had been taken in this regard and Dabbaq’s claims were nothing but hollow gesturing for propaganda purposes.

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