US alliance with Iranian regime in war against ISIS would be ‘historic mistake’, Senator warns

America should not assume that Iran is an ally just because both nations are enemies of terror group ISIL, US Senator Ted Cruz has stressed.

US national security would be better served by working with its real friends than seeking an alliance with the extremist mullahs ruling Iran, he wrote on his website.

Senator Cruz criticised his government for continuing nuclear negotiations with Iran while Americans were currently jailed in the regime for their beliefs.

He wrote: “As they languish, nuclear negotiations between Iran and the United States continue. Since the famous cell phone call from President Rouhani to President Obama last September, diplomats representing both countries have travelled from Geneva to Vienna to New York to negotiate over Iran’s nuclear program. Meanwhile, matters have gotten steadily worse for the Americans suffering in that country.

“Nonetheless, the Obama administration remains determined to pursue a path of diplomatic rapprochement to resolve the Islamic Republic’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.”

Meanwhile, neither President Barack Obama nor Secretary of State John Kerry had the release of American Christian pastor Saeed Abedini or a US soldier and FBI agent jailed in Iran a pre-condition for the negotiations, he said.

He added: “Last week, just days from the second anniversary of Pastor Saeed’s incarceration, President Obama gave a major speech to the United Nations General Assembly.

“He focused on issues such as Ebola, ISIL militants in Iraq and the Russian invasion of Ukraine—all crises worthy of the attention of the American president and the United Nations. But entirely absent from his remarks was the grim threat posed to the United States and our allies by a nuclear-armed Iran.

“In the very few words he devoted to the subject of Iran, President Obama offered the Iranians the ‘opportunity’ to resolve the nuclear issue by ‘assuring the world’ that their program is ‘peaceful’.

“There was no mention of the many outright lies the Iranians have told about their program over the years.

“There was no mention of Iran’s robust intercontinental ballistic missile program, the only purpose of which is to deliver a nuclear weapon.

“There was no mention of Iran’s vast state sponsorship of terrorism.

“There was no mention of the virulently hostile rhetoric routinely employed by Iranian officials about destroying what the Iranians call the ‘Great Satan’ (America) and the ‘Little Satan’ (Israel).

“In a significant rhetorical shift, there was no declaration that the president of the United States would not tolerate a nuclear-armed Iran and would do whatever necessary to prevent Iran from gaining these terrible weapons.

“And there was no mention of the Americans Iran won’t release. But, two days after the president’s speech, there were news reports that the United States is “considering meeting Iran halfway’ on the nuclear issue.”

Making Iran a partner in the war against ISIL would be a ‘historical mistake’, the Senator warned.

He wrote: “There is no greater threat to US national security, nothing posing a greater risk of murdering millions of Americans than the threat of a nuclear Iran.

“We know from the brutal abuse of Pastor Saeed and his fellow Americans in Iran’s custody that the Iranian regime is actively looking for opportunities to hurt, not help, our country.

“US leaders should not fall into the trap of blindly assuming that just because our enemy Iran hates our enemy ISIL, it means that Iran is now our friend.

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