Upon instructions of Iranian regime, Maliki implements new suppressive measures against Ashraf residents

Following his trip to Iran and upon the instructions of Saeed Jalili, Secretary of the mullahs’ regime’s Supreme National Security Council, Nouri al-Maliki, Iraqi Prime Minister, is implementing new suppressive measures and inhumane restrictions against the residents of Camp Ashraf.

After the disclosure of documents on his heinous crimes against people of Iraq, al-Maliki, who has been totally discredited and the Iraqi nationalist forces have called for his trial in an international tribunal, has resorted to further sycophancy and kowtowing to the religious fascism ruling Iran. Some of the suppressive measures by his subordinate forces are as follow (NCRI Secretariat has reported some other measures in its previous statements):
1. According to the reports obtained from inside the mullahs’ regime, Nouri al-Maliki, following his visit to Tehran, has ordered his subordinate forces to relocate the watch towers that are currently outside Camp Ashraf’s perimeter to a closer location to the fence of Ashraf. Right now, the towers are located at their best position to provide protection. The goal behind bringing the towers closer to the fence is to make the siege tighter and bring Ashraf within the firing range as much as possible. It is worth noting that the said towers were set up by Ashraf residents and were provided to the Iraqi forces on January 21, 2009 for protection of the camp. The residents had spent about 100,000 dollars to build the towers. Documents about the handover of the towers are available.

2. At 10 pm October 30, 2010, in a hostile move to implement Prime Ministry’s orders, Lieutenant-Colonel Nezar and Lieutenant Heidar Azab from the Battalion under the command of al-Maliki destroyed one of the telephone connection boxes of internal telephone system in Ashraf that was purchased and installed by the residents years ago.
Earlier, on 27 September2010, in a similar move, the Iraqi forces destroyed another telephone connection box of Ashraf internal telephone system and took it away. These two Iraqi officers who were previously exposed by the Iranian Resistance as the agents of the Iranian regime, have beaten, battered and insulted the residents and have stolen their properties on several occasions.

During the attacks of July 28-29, 2009, the Iraqi forces affiliated with the office of Prime Minister inflicted heavy damages to the buildings and properties of Ashraf residents and confiscated or stole their properties worth $2,537,000 including their vehicles worth about $1,177,000. (NCRI Statement August 15, 2009)
3.  After al-Maliki’s return from Tehran, the Iraqi forces were tasked to provide the agents of the MOIS, who are camping at the entrance of Ashraf, with more facilities and support. The priority of the Iraqi Battalion and the Police Force stationed in Ashraf is to take care of the MOIS agents’ requirements. To this end, the Iraqi forces recently provided them with four new trailers. Taking advantage of the new facilities provided to them by the Iraqi forces, the agents of MOIS have increased the number of their loudspeakers to 100 in order to intensify psychological torture of the residents. They have already announced that they are going to increase the number of loudspeakers to 150.

4. According to Jalili’s instructions to Nouri al-Maliki, a photo exhibition against the PMOI is to be set up in Palestine Street of Baghdad starting Tuesday, November 2. The organizer of the exhibition is a well-known MOIS agent Ahlam al-Maliki. She works under the cover of an institution called Baladi. All photos and requisites for the exhibition have been prepared by Habilian, a branch of MOIS, and regime’s embassy in Baghdad has printed and provided the photos to Ahlam al-Maliki. Knowing full well the general sympathy of the Iraqi people towards PMOI and their abhorrence of the clerical regime, she is working in total secrecy. She has paid money to her friends and relatives to visit the exhibition so that the MOIS agents who would be going to the exhibition posing as reporters could take photographs and film from them. The Iranian embassy has ordered the media affiliated with the clerical regime to propagate on this exhibition.

It was in September that Ahlam al-Maliki, together with Ali Zohairi and Jabbar Ma’mouri, two other agents, set up a similar exhibition in the town of Khalis, which met the abhorrence and denunciation of Iraqi people and Iraqi nationalist forces. Later on, there was a dispute among the three on how to divide the money given by the embassy. Subsequently, Ahlam al-Maliki, in coordination with the Iranian embassy and Adnan Seraj, another regime’s agent who is under direct order of Haj Ali Navidi and Fallah Sheibani, two elements from the embassy, set up a meeting in Kazemieh in Baghdad against the PMOI. A number of clerical regime’s intelligence agents stationed at Ashraf entrance were taken to this meeting to make speeches. Through such stage-settings, the clerical regime tries in vain to pretend as if the Iraqi people want the PMOI expelled from their country.

The Iranian Resistance draws the attention of UNAMI, Special Representative of the Secretary General for Iraq, and the U.S. government and its forces in Iraq to these hostile measures by the Iraqi forces against Ashraf. Today, there is no doubt that this government has neither the will nor the competence to protect Ashraf residents.

Therefore, the Iraqi forces, whose only function is to suppress the residents, should leave Ashraf and be replaced by the U.S. forces and the UNAMI monitoring team to supervise the implementation of international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention that were observed in Ashraf between 2003 and 2008 and to put an end to the nine-month-long psychological torture of the residents and the 22 months of blockade of Ashraf.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
November 2, 2010

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