UNSC: Sanctions against Iranian regime remains fully in effect

The United Nations sanctions against the Iranian regime will remain fully in effect and only a decision by the Security Council could change that, the acting president of the council said on Monday.

Ms Rosemary DiCarlo, US Deputy Representative to the United Nations and acting president of the UN Security Council made the remarks in a UNSC meeting held on Monday in New York to hear a briefing on the activities of “Iran Sanctions Committee” based on the resolution 1737 adopted in 2006.

The 1737 Committee on Iran sanctions monitors the implementation of the resolution and investigates any violations of the sanctions.

In his quarterly briefing to the Council on the Committee’s work, Ambassador Gary Quinlan of Australia said the Iranian regime has not responded about March 31 violation when a cargo of conventional arms shipment intercepted in Red Sea which had been loaded onto a vessel in the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas.

Many UNSC members called on UN Member States to ensure the sanctions remained in place while the talks continued.

France’s representative, Francois Delattre, said that there were still significant differences between the Iranian regime and 5+1 countries and It was critical that Iranian regime’s cooperation with the IAEA be complete. It was also crucial that the sanctions regime be implemented while negotiations continued and that the violations reported in the 31 March incident be fully acted upon.

The representative of the United Kingdom noted that although some sanctions relief had been carried out by individual Member States as part of the negotiations, but that the United Nations sanctions remained in place. Their robust implementation must continue pending a comprehensive agreement, Michael Tatham said.

“With negotiations ongoing, the bulk of sanctions would remain in place and should be implemented,” he said.

The UK representative said that the interdiction in the Red Sea of a conventional arms shipment had been cited by the Panel of Experts as a violation of paragraph 5 of Iran’s obligations, and he urged the Iranian regime to reply to that and other international concerns.

Ms Rosemary DiCarlo urged follow-up action by the Committee on conventional arms shipment in Red Sea, maintaining that Iranian regime’s arm smuggling to the region was an obstacle to peace there.

Source: UN.org

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