UNESCO decision to hold conference in Tehran under fire

A decision by UNESCO to hold the World Philosophy Day in Tehran has come ?under extensive protests from notable philosophers and other circles.?

The Wall Street Journal reported on October 9, German philosopher Otfried Höffe, who ?was scheduled to deliver a keynote address in Tehran, will not be attending the event.?


A professor at the University of Zurich sad in an article for the German newspaper Die ?Tageszeitung: “There are probably more philosophers to be found in Evin Prison than will ?be taking the podium set up by the regime in November.”?

According to the Wall Street Journal, back in January, a group of intellectuals, including ?the renowned social theorist Jürgen Habermas, came out in opposition to the choice of ?venue for the November event.?

In an open letter to the UNESCO director general, which drew more than 50 signatures, ?they wrote that philosophical exchange is impossible in a country where “one can be ?imprisoned and risk one’s life…because of one’s ideas.”?

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