UN body passes resolution to end executions

The UN General Assembly’s Human Rights Committee passed a resolution on November 11 to end executions in the world. It marks the third such resolution since 2007 by the UN.

107 countries voted in favor of the resolution, with 38 voting against and 36 abstaining. The voting took place at the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee in New York.

The call for a moratorium on executions gained more support at the UN compared to 2008, signaling a growing international trend to end the death penalty.

A UN representative of the prominent rights group Amnesty International, José Luis Díaz, said, “This third resolution by the UN General Assembly in favor of a moratorium on executions is yet another milestone in the campaign to end premeditated killing by the state.”

The General Assembly is expected to endorse the resolution in its plenary session in December, Amnesty said.

According to rights group, “When the UN was founded in 1945 only eight states had abolished the death penalty for all crimes. Today, 136 out of the 192 UN member states have abolished the death penalty in law or practice.”

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