To the regime’s chagrin, more Iranians turn toward opposition satellite channel

Support for the main opposition satellite channel is growing in Iran, with the Iranian people making all kinds of efforts to install satellite dishes in their homes and avoid being caught by the regime’s suppressive forces.

The growing trend of viewership for Simay-e Azadi Iran National TV, the largest opposition satellite channel in Iran, has forced the clerical regime to react by complaining about people’s colourful efforts to conceal their satellite dishes.


The state-run news agency Mehr published a large number of pictures showing homes with satellite dishes, and said, “While there are some who are not intimidated and publicly display their satellite dishes, some people conceal it by throwing a piece of fabric on it, which is nonetheless still obvious.”

The clerical regime has made large-scale suppressive efforts to confiscate satellite dishes through the years, but has failed to succeed.

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