Thirty-two days after missile attack on Camp Liberty, Government of Iraq refuses to handover bodies of martyrs for burial and prevents entry of basic protective requisites to Camp Liberty

Camp Liberty-missile attack-No.26
Thirty-two days after the criminal missile attack on Camp Liberty, Government of Iraq continues to obstruct handover of bodies of the martyrs of this attack and prevents their burial using various despicable pretexts. Daily referrals and correspondence of residents with United Nations, United States, and Iraqi officials in this matter have gotten nowhere. This anti-Islamic and inhuman act ordered by the Iraqi Prime Ministry has no objective but to harass, torment and psychologically torture the residents. On the other hand, while residents have no safe heavens to protect them against future attacks, forces under command of Iraq’s Prime Ministry obstruct entry of concrete bunkers and T-walls. On Monday, March 11, as in previous days, although residents had rented cranes and flatbed trucks at high expense for the transfer of bunkers to Camp Liberty, Iraqi forces used all sorts of excuses to prevent entry of these vehicles to camp from morning till afternoon.
Moreover, Government of Iraq has officially opposed transfer of residents’ armored vests and protective helmets from Ashraf to Camp Liberty and even prevents entry of picks and spades for digging rudimentary trenches.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 12, 2013

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