The United Nations must condemn statements by the Iranian mullahs’ regime Ambassador regarding the presence of the regime’s agents in Camp Liberty

Camp Ashraf – Breach of commitments, No. 20

Danaifar, the mullahs’ regime Ambassador in Iraq and one of the commanders of the terrorist Quds Force, said on Monday January 30th that the agents of the religious fascism ruling Iran would be stationed in Camp Liberty. The Ministry of Intelligence News Agency, Mehr, quoted him as saying, “They are supposed to be moved from Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty whose function is temporary settlement and interviews by UNHCR until a decision is made. Consular representatives from various countries including ours would be stationed there and that location is not supposed to become a base for them.”

As the Iranian resistance has reiterated several times, it considers any meddling of the mullahs’ regime in the fate and future of Ashraf residents as a red line and Ashraf residents would never accept that. These statements once again reveal the Iranian regime’s efforts to fail the peaceful solution for Ashraf that the Iranian resistance has times and again warned against. It therefore deserves that the UN and specially the UN Special Representative in Iraq immediately condemn statements of the Iranian regime’s Ambassador in Baghdad and declare that the UN and its relevant bodies such as UNAMI and UNHCR will prevent direct and indirect meddling of the Iranian regime in Camp Liberty and the fate of Ashraf residents.

The International Committee of Jurists in Defence of Ashraf (ICJDA), comprised of 8500 jurists in Europe and North America, wrote on January 26th to the UN Secretary General Special Representative, “Any intervention by a regime with which Ashraf residents have opposed because of their political beliefs and now are charged by it for “Moharebeh” (waging war on God) and are condemned to death, is completely illegal and unprincipled”. The ICJDA adds: “It is a known fact that none of the officials of the United Nations are allowed to engage a government from which an asylum seeker has escaped on his/her situation.”

In these statements Danaifar claimed in a reversal of facts that the Iraqi government wanted “to resolve this case without violence. But there are many indications that the Mojahedin leaders are interested in confrontation.” As such, he clearly sets the stage for subsequent suppressive measures and massacre of Ashraf residents by the Iraqi forces at the behest of the Iranian regime.

He also announced Maliki’s imminent trip to Tehran and an increase of the Iranian regime’s exports to Iraq to 7 billion dollars, which means defying the international sanctions by the Iraqi government. He said an unprecedented record of 9 Ministers will travel between Baghdad and Tehran by Iranian year-end (March 20, 2012).

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 30, 2012

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