The Reserve Bank of Australia adds names to Iranian sanctions

AAP – The Reserve Bank of Australia has imposed financial sanctions on an Iranian general and a company owned by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The sanctions were announced by the federal government on June 15 following an earlier resolution by the United Nations Security Council.

“The Australian government has reviewed the list of persons and entities subject to financial sanctions and has directed the Reserve Bank to add them to the annex of names,” the central bank said in a statement on Wednesday.

Advertisement: Story continues belowThe new sanctions apply to General Rostam Qasemi, the commander of Khatem al-Anbiya Construction Organisation.

They also apply to a company owned by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and two entities, Bank Mellat and the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line.

“Any transactions involving the transfer of funds or payments to, by the order of, or on behalf of any person or entity listed in the annex are prohibited without prior approval from the Reserve Bank,” the bank said.


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