The regime has been powerless against universities for the past 32 years, official says

A member of the Iranian regime’s Majlis (Parliament) has said that the clerical regime has not been able to dominate universities during the past 32 years after the 1979 revolution, the state-run Tabnak reported on Monday.

In reaction to the regime’s Minister of Science who had said that universities opposed to the regime would have to be destroyed, the Majlis deputy, Abdoljabar Karami, said regime officials should avoid making such statements, adding, “Instead of demolishing universities, we have to look back to our own wrong doings and see why in the past 32 years we have not been able to influence students.”


In statements targeting Kamran Daneshjou, the mullahs’ Science Minister, Karami said that measures that could “incite chaos in universities” and “harm the regime” must be avoided.

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