The necessity of formation of a committee for investigation of the killing of Ashraf residents with presence of a representative from the UNSC

Statement by the Iraqi National Movement, led by Dr. Salih al-Mutlak

Following the heinous killings perpetrated by the Iraqi government at Camp Ashraf which left hundreds of victims among Iranian dissidents living at Ashraf, and following an international humanitarian movement against that massacre, the government is trying to mislead the international opinion by forming a committee to investigate the massacre and thus tries to cover up its own crime.

Aiming to discover the real truth, Iraqi National Movement calls on the United Nations and the Security Council to immediately take the following actions:

1. Assign the duty of protection of Camp Ashraf to international forces currently in Iraq;

2. Form a UN committee, with the presence of a Security Council representative, to investigate the heinous killings that took place at Ashraf;

3. Evaluate the inhumane conditions under which the Iranian dissidents at Ashraf are suffering.

The Iraqi National Movement, alongside the Iraqi people, asks the United Nations to protect the residents of Ashraf, considering the dangers that they are facing.

Should the UN, the Security Council and the world continue its silence, such dangers will threaten the residents. These include continuous crimes that prevent them from access to the very basic human needs as well as repeated aggressions against them.

The Iraqi National Movement is disappointed in the Iraqi government and, therefore, considers the United Nations responsible for the protection of the Ashraf residents.

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