The lies of so-called human rights minister of Iraq to justify committed crimes and to prepare the ground for further atrocities

Military occupation of Camp Ashraf- No. 114

Reporting the meeting between Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani, the so-called minister of human rights of Iraq, with the UK ambassador to Baghdad, the website of Iraq’s human rights ministry falsely wrote, “The government of Iraq has set up several committees to follow up the situation of Camp Ashraf residents, but unfortunately these committees have not received any support or positive response from the camp residents.”

The Ashraf residents have no knowledge of such fictitious committees which seem to have been concocted to deceive the western embassies. However, while Nouri al-Maliki and many of his cohorts are vulnerable to accusations for crime against humanity on April 8, 2011 and 28-29 June 2009 and should be tried in international tribunals and punished, it is quite understandable why such ridiculous are staged. These are vain attempts that will not resolve any of their problems.

These fictitious committees are fabrications of Danifar, the mullahs’ regime’s ambassador to Iraq and a commander of the terrorist Quds Force, who acts as the representative of Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader in the government of Iraq. In his meeting with the Iraqi human rights minister on May 9th, Danifar informed of the formation of another committee. Quoting Danifar, the above-mentioned website wrote: “(Danaifar) had already met with the senior deputy of Iraq’s Foreign Ministry and had agreed on formation of a trilateral committee consisting of Iraqi Foreign Ministry, Iran’s embassy in Baghdad, and the International Committee of the Red Cross to study the case of Camp Ashraf.  He suggested that the Human Rights Ministry have a representative in the Committee.” (Human Rights Ministry website- May 9)

The only committee that is dealing with Ashraf is the Iraqi Prime Ministry Committee tasked to suppress Ashraf residents which implements the Iranian regime’s instructions for inhumane siege, psychological torture, and massacre of Ashraf residents. All the relations that the forces and agencies under the command of al-Maliki have with the Ashraf residents is for nothing else other than suppressive measures and imposing restrictions, such as intensifying inhumane siege- especially in medical affairs, prevention of entry of fuel, preventing dumping sewage, and preventing residents from having access to the power station that has been built at their own expense. These restrictions have led to the martyrdom of some of the wounded in the April 8th attack and the demise of a number of patients.
Such lies by a person whose translators blatantly and shamelessly distort the speech of Mr. Ad Melkert, Special Representative of UN Secretary-General for Iraq, in the human rights congress of 5 June 2011 in Baghdad to the advantage of Maliki and his suppressive government are not strange. This ministry is wholly devoted to renouncing reports of human rights organizations on the critical situation of human rights in Iraq and the arrests, tortures and murders in Maliki’s prisons.

Hussein Zohairi, deputy of this ministry who is a member of the Qods Force and an element of the Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad, dispatches elements of the MOIS to Ashraf in coordination with the Ashraf Committee so that they would insult and threaten PMOI members by 300 loudspeakers and cry slogans in favor of Ahmadinejad and Khamenei.

This element, in the UN human rights session of 31 May 2011, in reaction to the stances of human rights organizations against the massacre in Ashraf, much like his minister, claimed that “the residents of this camp attacked the Iraqi forces… whose mission was to aid some peasants. These incidents led to the injury of a number of Iraqi officers and the death of three inhabitants of this camp who threw themselves under the wheels of military vehicles to attract the world public opinion and distort the realities… there are claims that over 30 people have been victimized. We declare that the leadership of this organization obstructed Iraqi judicial bodies from investigating this incident and from having access to the bodies even if this figure is correct.”

Truthfully, Maliki and his cohorts have learned their lesson in villany and demagoguery quite well in the school of Khomeini, Khamenei and the henchmen. These are representatives of the very government that in the current month curtly rejected the requests of a delegation from the U.S. Congress headed by Representative Dana Rohrabacher, chair of the House Foreign Affairs on Investigation and Oversight, and another delegation from the European Parliament, headed by Mr. Struan Stevenson, President of the EP Delegation for Relations with Iraq, to visit Ashraf, considering the requests as out-of-the-question.

The Iranian Resistance considers the recent statements by the Iraqi minister of human rights in his meeting with the British Ambassador as a prelude for intensifying the suppression against Ashraf residents and calls on the United Nations and the United States to station a permanent UN monitoring team in Ashraf and to guarantee protection of Ashraf in line with their obligations according to the international law and explicit responsibilities it places on them regarding Ashraf.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 15, 2011

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