The Iranian Resistance condemns attack on Ayatollah Ayad Jamaleddin and considers Iranian regime as its perpetrator

The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the terrorist attack of Tuesday night, August 1, on the home of the prominent Iraqi cleric Ayatollah Ayad Jamaleddin in Baghdad and hopes for the speedy and complete recovery of him and his companions that have been transferred to the hospital for their wounds suffered in this heinous attack.

There is no doubt that this terrorist attack is the work of the clerical fascism ruling Iran and its affiliates and elements in Iraq whose enmity towards Ayatollah Ayad Jamaleddin is known to all. Ayad Jamaleddin, a strong opposition to mullahs interference in Iraq, had previously been targeted several times by terrorist attacks of the clerical regime.

Ayad Jamaleddin, the leader of Ahrar political current, has always disclosed and condemned at internal, regional and international levels the terrorist and fundamentalist interference of the Iranian regime and its dominance and influence on the security, political, military and economic apparatuses in Iraq, as well as the suppressive and criminal attacks by Iraqi forces against Ashraf residents at the behest of the Iranian regime.

Ayad Jamaleddin has revealed the dictatorship under the cover of religion and the theory of Velayat-e faqih as a groundless reactionary theory with no basis in Islam and Shiism. Hence, he has always been the subject of hatred and rage by the anti-Iranian and anti-Islamic ruling mullahs.

Attacking this prominent Shiite cleric demonstrates the dimension of atrocities and interference of the Iranian regime in Iraq and the mercenary function of many Iraqi officials for this regime. The United Nations and the United States should identify and introduce the elements of this attack by conducting an impartial and independent investigation.

Secretariat of National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 3, 2011

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