The Iranian regime’s terrorist meddling in Iraq cannot overshadow polls

The Iranian regime has not come out as the victor of the Iraq war despite its attempts to arm and fund terrorist militias to meddle in the country’s affairs, according to an article published on Sunday in the British daily Guardian.

In a piece entitled, “Did Iran rally do so well out of the Iraq war,” Hayder al-Khoei writes, “The Iranians have not shied away from interfering in domestic Iraqi affairs and the power vacuum created by the American administration in Iraq gave them ample room to flex their muscles.”


“Several Shia political parties have been established and funded in Tehran, or have been given safe haven in Iran.”

The article adds, “Iran can arm and fund militias till kingdom come, but at the end of the day, in Iraq, it is ballot papers, not bullets, that decide who stays in power and who gets the boot.”

Al-Khoei goes on to say, “Of course, security issues can destabilise the political process, as we have seen time and time again, but now the Iraqi people have the last say. … a closer look at the numbers proves one thing: Iran did not win.”

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