The Iranian regime’s smuggling of explosives and attempts to obstruct the democratic process continue in Iraq

An al-Iraqiya spokesman has once again condemned the Iranian regime’s attempts to obstruct the creation of a new government in Iraq and a member of Parliament revealed that more explosives from Iran have been discovered in Basra.

In an interview with al-Babelyia TV, Heydar Molla said, “When we went to Tehran with an al-Iraqiya delegation, [the regime’s parliamentary speaker] Ali Larijani told us that you are Sunnis, so how can we reach an agreement with you? He added, if you want to reach an agreement with us, then bring a Shiite. We told him even though we are Sunnis, our candidate for the post of prime minister [Dr. Ayad Allawi] is a Shiite.”

The al-Iraqiya spokesman added, “Today, if someone speaks like [Larijani] in Iraq, it would obviously be seen as a word of [the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali] Khamenei.”

“So, he or she would not say that they are following religious authorities in Najaf, but they should rather admit that their source of emulation is really in Tehran.”

Molla also condemned Nouri al-Maliki’s insistence on holding on to the post of prime minister and underscored the need for the creation of a new government. He said, “If there is no progress, then people have to come to the fore. This is an issue that has been guaranteed by the constitution and other laws.”

Separately, a member of Iraq’s parliament and a senior official of the National Dialogue Front revealed that about 30 tons of high explosive material entered the city of Basra from Iran last week.

Mohammad Tamim added that several days ago, about 30 tons of C-4 explosives headed for Basra was confiscated.

Iraqi security forces had announced two weeks ago that Iranian-made weapons, ammunition and explosive storage houses were discovered and confiscated in various parts of Iraq, according to al-Dastour daily on Monday.

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