The Iranian regime’s plan to intensify psychological torture on Ashraf residents, and increase the number of agents and loudspeakers

According to reliable reports received from inside the mullahs’ regime, the Iranian Resistance announced yesterday that Khamenei, concurrent with the growing worldwide support for PMOI in Ashraf and the support of the Iranian people for their Resistance, in parallel to the issuance of death sentences inside the country, has tasked the terrorist Qods Force and the Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad to launch new conspiracies through their Iraqi elements and MOIS agents and engage in the harassment of Ashraf residents.

The Iranian Resistance announced that the clerical regime, in coordination with the committee responsible for suppression of Ashraf residents in Iraq’s Prime Ministry, plans to dispatch on Friday, January 7, a number of their Iraqi hirelings from Baghdad and the northern and southern provinces of Iraq to Ashraf’s main gate to claim that they are “victims of terrorism and crimes by the Monafeqin (derogatory term used by the regime for PMOI)”!

A new part of this conspiracy is to dispatch a group of 70 MOIS agents and operatives, under the pretext of Ashraf residents’ families, to intensify the psychological torture against Ashraf residents, which has been going on for 11 months now. According to this plot, the MOIS seeks to increase the number of already 140 loudspeakers installed around Ashraf to tighten the siege imposed on the camp at its main entrance and southern flank.

Based on this information, a branch of the MOIS known as the “Nejat Society” on 1 January 2011, gathered a number of its agents and operatives in Tehran from various cities across the country including Kermanshah, Mashhad, Karaj and Tabriz to organize a new group to be dispatched to Ashraf. The MOIS announced in this session, “There are no limitations in recruiting people to Ashraf and those who are sent do not necessarily need to be close relatives of those in Ashraf, or even relatives at all. Anyone can be dispatched to Ashraf and we will provide all the needs for this trip.”

Determined to keep this new group at Ashraf for a month, the MOIS promised at this meeting to provide various facilities for the dispatched individuals, and to reserve further hotels in addition to the previous hotel in Baghdad. Also during their stay in Iraq, they will be taken to Karbala and Najaf for pilgrimage.

According to additional information on the Iranian agents’ ridiculous show prepared for January 7, the Qods Force intends to keep a number of its agents outside Ashraf on Friday, January 7, to tear the fence and barbwire at night and enter Ashraf’s premises.

Having regard to the continuous conspiracies of the terrorist Qods Force, MOIS and Iraqi security forces against Ashraf residents, and in light of above reports and responsibilities of the US government and the UN regarding the protection of Ashraf residents, the Iranian Resistance calls on the U.S. forces and the UN monitoring team to have a permanent presence in Ashraf to prevent an intensification of crisis, suppression, pressure and smear campaign against Ashraf residents.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 3, 2011

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