The Iranian regime’s footprints seen all over WikiLeaks documents: French TV

The French TV channel LCI said in a report about the release of thousands of documents by WikiLeaks that, the Iranian regime’s foot prints can be deciphered all over the almost 400,000 documents made public on Friday and unearthed the realities of the Iraq war.

“On September 12, 2006, the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki made a gesture of goodwill by visiting Tehran. At the same time, violence between Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq reached a boiling point,” the TV said.

“The WikiLeaks documents accuse Maliki of having ties to death squads. These revelations carry serious consequences in the midst of a deadlock to form a government.”

The TV added, “These documents are as potent as the weapons that the Iranian regime has sent to Iraq since the beginning of the war. About 100 mortars were sent to the Mahdi Army in December 2006 after which the organization, according to a US military report, carried out an attack against the Green Zone using missiles and chemical weapons.”

“Another report points to the export of disabling gas. The Iranian regime also sent a new generation of missiles capable of penetrating a tank. It also sent a ground-to-air missile to target American helicopters in operations that were apparently successful.”

LCI added, “One of the Iranian regime’s objectives for meddling in Iraq is to incite instability and target officials. In this regard, clear guidelines were provided: Fire at the heart, back, head or abdomen. But beyond all this, the regime intended to target the unstable Iraqi government structure.”

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