The Iranian regime’s embassy stages ludicrous theatrics at Ashraf’s main gate with the full ?backing of the Iraqi government

As an extension of its psychological war against the residents of Camp Ashraf, the Iranian ?regime’s embassy in Baghdad on September 3 sent a number of its Iraqi agents in the guise ?of “Iraqi sheikhs” and “journalists” to the camp’s main gate to both raise the morale of its ?existing operatives at the scene, who are engaged in an ongoing psychological torture of the ?residents in its eighth month, and to also pretend that Iraqis demand the expulsion of the ?residents. The agents were sent to their destination on a minibus which was rented by the ?regime’s embassy. ?

At the same time, operatives of the mullahs’ Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), ?who have camped in front of Ashraf since February, used more than 40 powerful ?loudspeakers to shout, “We congratulate the fitting election of Mr. Nouri Maliki as the ?Prime Minister … God willing, there is more good news to come, so keep your ears open.” ?At a time when relatives of Ashraf residents are being sentenced to death by the clerical ?regime, these agents disgracefully screamed to the residents, “These people (Iraqi forces) ?are your Bassiji brothers. The brothers in the Iraqi Army are helping us. … Our Velayat-e ?faqih (absolute clerical rule) has decreed that you are free. … The Iranian government has ?pardoned you … Go to Baghdad directly and once there the [Iranian regime’s] ambassador ?will send you a letter granting you amnesty.”?

On the orders of the committee in charge of the suppression of Ashraf at the Prime ?Minister’s Office, Iraqi forces supplied the regime embassy’s Iraqi agents with full ?resources during the theatrics. Following the show, the agents were taken to the facilities ?used by the Iraqi battalion, where they were served lunch. The agents were then taken back ?using the same minibus provided for by the regime’s embassy.?

The majority of these agents had also attended the regime embassy’s exhibition against ?Ashraf residents which took place in Khalis city on September 16. The regime had paid and ?taken the agents to the exhibition where they could demand the expulsion of Ashraf ?residents. A state-run newspaper, Asr-e Iran, said on September 26, that, “The exhibition ?featuring the crimes of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Iraq … ?was organized by the Iranian embassy in Iraq in Diyala province’s al-Khalis. This exhibition ?took place with the aim of strengthening the amicable ties between the two brother states in ?Iraq and Iran. … On the sidelines of the exhibition, a petition was signed demanding the ?Iraqi government to expel members of the terrorist grouplet PMOI from (Iraqi) soil.”?

Failing to accomplish anything either from the 20-month-old siege on Ashraf residents or ?from carrying out psychological torture against the residents for the past 8 months, the ?religious fascism ruling Iran is organizing such theatrics in a bid to set the stage for ?suppressive measures and attacks against the residents while triggering a new ?humanitarian catastrophe at the camp.?

The Iranian Resistance brings the clerical regime’s plots against Ashraf residents to the ?attention of the United Nations Secretary General, the Special Representative of the ?Secretary General for Iraq, the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), and the ?US embassy and forces in Iraq. The Iranian Resistance further demands the posting of a ?UNAMI team of observers in addition to American forces inside Camp Ashraf to prevent ?another round of killings at the camp.?

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 5, 2010?

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