The Iranian regime has “infiltrated Iraqi judiciary,” says senior Iraqi leader

A prominent Iraqi leader says the Iranian regime has “infiltrated Iraq’s judiciary,” with some judges making rulings dictated by the Iranian regime, including those against the Iranian opposition.

The Secretary General of the Iraqi National Movement and leader of the National Dialogue Front, Dr. Saleh Mutlak, added that rulings like the preposterous arrest warrants issued for members of the main Iranian opposition originate from the Iranian regime’s intelligence services.

Dr. Mutlak also reacted to comments made by the Iranian regime’s ambassador to Iraq, who recently warned that those accusing Tehran of meddling in Iraqi affairs will face prosecution.

“Where will the Iranian regime’s envoy prosecute us, in Iraqi courts or in Iranian ones,” asked Dr. Mutlak in an interview with al-Hurra.

He said when a foreign country’s ambassador makes such remarks, it is actually the Iraqi government and president who are to blame for allowing him to remain in the country.

Dr. Mutlak also said the Iranian envoy, Hassan Danaifar, makes such provocative comments because he is confident that the regime has influence over the Iraqi judiciary.

“And this is something that has been proven time and again. Some judges hand down rulings at the behest of the Iranian regime, which include those against Iraqi political figures by preventing them from entering parliamentary elections.”

Dr. Mutlak added, “There are also other rulings like the arrest warrants for Iranian opposition members on Iraqi soil. All these rulings come from Iran and its services and are merely handed over to the Iraqi judiciary.”

“Iranian intelligence services monitor these rulings. [The regime ambassador] knows about the Iranian regime’s influence over the Iraqi judiciary.”

Dr. Mutlak added that the Iraqi people do not accept such interferences and “insults.”


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