The Iranian regime funds, arms and trains Iraqi terrorist groups, says US envoy

The US President’s nominee to be the next ambassador to Iraq, James Jeffrey, said at a Senate hearing on Thursday that the Iranian regime funds and arms militias in Iraq, in addition to the widespread activities of its terrorist Qods Force in that country.

Al-Sharqiya TV quoted Jeffrey on Thursday as saying: The Iranian regime is trying to make Iraq politically weaker in order to diminish American influence. The Iranian regime’s intelligence and diplomatic services are trying to make this objective into a reality both inside and outside Baghdad.

According to al-Sharqiya, Jeffrey added: The Iranian regime wants to infiltrate Iraqi parties both in security and also political terms. It probably wants to curb American influence in Iraq as much as possible. In addition to the intensive and extensive activities of the Qods Force on Iraqi soil, some armed Iraqi groups also receive money and weapons from the regime and are also trained by it to carry out numerous attacks.

Mr. Jeffrey called for the creation of a confident Iraqi government which includes all political sides. He also emphasized the improvement of Iraq’s relations with its neighbours, especially its ties to Damascus.

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