The bloody attack by the Iraqi government forces against the inhabitants of Ashraf

Statement of the Committee of Arab-Islamic in Defense of Ashraf

As the political crisis in Iraq deepens  at the expense of the Maliki government and in sync with a visit by U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates to Iraq and a meeting with Nouri al-Maliki and President Jalal Talabani, the isolated and armless residents of Ashraf were once again brutally attacked by the Iraqi military forces. The outcome of this attack up until now is more than thirty martyrs and 300 wounded among the residents.

And whereas Ashraf has been under complete siege for more than two years, and it’s residents did not have the possibility of supply of medicines and medical possibilities, and the Iraqi authorities did not allow them to evacuate the wounded for treatment outside Ashraf, the number of wounded joined the martyrs on a regular basis. And if this situation continues at this pace the outcome will be greater number of martyrs.

There is no doubt that The People’s Mujahedin of Iran (PMOI) are the main opponents of the Iranian regime and they were getting ahead with a great struggle against the dictatorship of the mandate of the ruling al-Faqih in Iran; For this reason, the regime also uses all his energy to avenge them and did not know any limitations or restrictions in this area. The regime’s executions of prisoners belonging to this organization inside Iran or kill them under the weight of suffering and torture, as it uses a huge budget and employs multiple lobbyists in order to wage psychological war on the organization in all countries in the world. In Ashraf, which is the center of the resistance and the burning torch of hope for freedom and democracy in Iran, the regime will not weaken any effort against it. More than a year the regime deployed a range of agents working for the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence to the gate of Ashraf for progress dirty psychological war against the people of Ashraf. It also uses a 240-speaker sound for the insults and threats day and night so that psychological torture is practiced against the population.

After = these methods experienced a standstill and there were no flaws in the determination of Camp Ashraf to liberate their country, the Wali al-Faqih regime in Tehran has asked the subordinated government in Baghdad, to commit a massacre against the Mujahideen in Ashraf. The Process that is described in accordance with the international legal definitions as a crime against humanity and a crime against the international community; and because the residents of Ashraf are protected persons this massacre can be described as a war crime, too.

But the thing that is difficult to understand is the position of the U.S. administration in this area. America is morally and legally fully responsible for the circumstances that have occurred to the residents. America was the party that disarmed the residents in 2003, has signed an agreement with each individual member of Ashraf residents and which has pledged to protect. At the present time and instead of doing their responsibility, we see that it expressed, implicitly, agreement with al-Maliki for a massacre committed against the Mujahideen in Ashraf, and if the situation is not like that, it is not possible for a blood bath to happen this time, in the presence of Robert Gates in Iraq. In addition, the exit of U.S. forces monitoring Ashraf just before the beginning of an attack by Iraqi forces came to remove any ambiguity about the existence of this conspiracy. It is no coincidence that the Iranian regime has welcomed this crime and published it in his agency (Faris News Agency) that «The Iraqi army and in coordination with U.S. forces» has executed this operation.

The Arab-Islamic Committee in Defense of Ashraf deems the necessity to remind the United States and the officials in this country that with these actions you thrust your credibility. It becomes natural that Muslims don’t see good faith behind your actions. You must end this behavior and work so hard to improve your relations with the Muslim people.

It is essential that America must take several steps: First, take a definite position on the charge made by the Iranian regime to it that it was involved in this conspiracy and refute it. Second, to provide urgently and immediately means to treat the wound residents of Ashraf at its hospital. Third, to temporarily demand for a permanent existence for a team of the United Nations in Ashraf at the same time take the initiative to increase the mandate of UNAMI on Ashraf and Iraq.

Former Algerian Prime Minister
Chairman of the Committee of Arab-Islamic in Defense of Ashraf
 Mr. Ahmed Ghazali

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