Terrorist Qods Force and mullahs’ intelligence plan for another show in preparation for attack and suppression against Ashraf residents

Agents from Iranian regime’s embassy appointed to conduct the despicable campaign

According to reliable reports received from inside of the mullahs’ regime, concurrent with the executions in Iran, especially the execution of Ali Sarami (Saremi) and issuing death sentences for some other relatives of Ashraf residents, the office of Ali Khamenei, mullahs’ regime’s Supreme Leader, has tasked the terrorist Qods Force, Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), and the Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad to launch new conspiracies and shows against Ashraf.

Accordingly, the regime’s embassy in Baghdad, in coordination with the committee responsible for suppression of Ashraf residents in Iraq’s Prime Ministry, plans to dispatch on Friday, January 7, a number of their Iraqi hirelings from Baghdad, Salahaddin and Kurdistan to Ashraf’s main gate. They are going to claim to be “victims of the PMOI’s terrorism and crimes”. The goal is, on the one hand, to lift spirits of the agents who have been torturing the Ashraf residents psychologically for the past 11 months with 140 loudspeakers, and on the other hand, to prepare the grounds to intensify pressures and suppression against Ashraf residents. Such measures are carried out at a time when the regime is angered and fearful of the growing support for Ashraf residents inside Iran and widespread support for their rights internationally.

The individuals in charge of conducting this show are Nasseri, an agent of the terrorist Qods Force who works in the regime’s embassy under the cover of ‘Commercial Counsel’, and Navidi, MOIS representative operating from within the embassy. Their Iraqi proxies are Nafe Issa and Mullah Jabbar Ma’mouri, two well-known agents of the regime. The prime ministry committee has instructed the Iraqi battalion, in charge of protection of Ashraf, to place all its facilities at the disposal of Nafe Issa, representative of Prime Minister’s office, to pursue the plan. Through the Tribal Support Council controlled by the Prime Ministry, the above committee is forcing Iraqis to participate in this show by intimidation. It has warned a number of locals that if they refuse to participate will suffer adverse consequences.

The hirelings are supposed to gather in Karrada Ave. in Baghdad at 7:00 a.m. on Friday and then move toward Ashraf in the vehicles that the embassy has prepared for the event.
The regime’s embassy and al-Maliki’s office are going to mobilize their affiliated media outlets to participate in this show. To this end, the regime will pay $150 to each reporter and $600 to each group of four people from TV channels.

Nafe Issa was recruited by the Qods Force in 2006. He has visited Iran several times each year to be briefed and paid. He distributes the money he receives from the embassy among the agents under the guise of ‘aid by human rights organizations’, ‘assisting the families of the slain’, or ‘aids donated by the Prime Ministry’. He has been tasked to recruit a number of hirelings in Salahaddin to carry out constant activities against Ashraf. Some of them are supposed to have trips to Iran under the pretext of trade relations so they can execute the regime’s instructions easily.

Jabar al-Ma’mouri, a.k.a. Abu Ibrahim and Abdul-Jabbar, is on the pay roll of the Qods Force. He was recruited by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Iran in 1987 and his file number in the Qods Force is 11748.

Reiterating that there is no doubt about ominous intents of the religious fascism ruling Iran and the forces under the command of Maliki against Ashraf residents, the Iranian Resistance calls on the U.S. forces and the UN monitoring team to have a permanent stay in Ashraf, especially during coming days, in order to prevent intensification of crisis, suppression and pressure against members of the PMOI in Ashraf.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 2, 2011

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