Tehran’s Prosecutor General rejects inability plea of political prisoner to tolerate punishment .

NCRI – Tehran’s prosecutor general rejected the petition for inability of a political prisoner at Gohardasht Prison, to tolerate punishment. Mohammad Bannazadeh-Amirkhizi, 63, a prominent merchant at Tehran’s bazaar, has prostate cancer and must be under active surveillance and receive regular monitoring, sonography and treatment.

Mr. Mohammad Bannazadeh-Amirkhizi was arrested during a raid on his workplace by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) on November 30, 2009. He was subsequently taken to the section 209 of Evin Prison. He is currently at Gohardasht prison.

His sister, Mrs. Kobra Bannazadeh-Amirkhizi who is nearly 60-years-old is also at that prison. She faces multiple health problems, but prison officials have prevented her from receiving necessary treatments.


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