Talks with Iranian regime should be stopped: Washington Post website

Talks with the Iranian regime over its nuclear program should be stopped because they give an aura of legitimacy to a regime divided internally and under pressure, an article posted on Washington Post’s website said on Sunday.

In “Time to Reset Iran Policy,” Jennifer Rubin criticized the talks because they “bestow an aura of legitimacy on a regime already divided internally and facing pressure.”

The article added, “We need to make human rights a central theme in our bilateral and multilateral diplomacy regarding Iran.”

This would help to undermine the regime’s legitimacy at home and embolden the opposition, the post added.

The writer also said, “We should begin to make the case and agree on a feasible plan for the use of force. When there is a credible threat of force — not occupation or invasion, but strikes sufficient to hobble Iran’s nuclear program, military and Revolutionary Guard — the decision-making calculus may change.”

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