Take disputes out of the media: regime official pleads

In the midst of increasing internal feuds among the various factions of the Iranian regime, a member of the ruling faction has said that regime officials should not allow the feuds to spill over into the media, according to the state-run Fars and ILNA news agencies on Friday.

Speaking at the Friday prayers in Tehran, Ahmad Khatami, a member of the Assembly of Experts, voiced concerns about the persistence of the feuds in the regime’s ruling faction and said, “The leader has said repeatedly that if disputes among officials lead to the media, this would be against Sharia.”

“I call on all officials and the heads of the three branches, as well as the media, to put these disputes aside or talk to each other in private.”

He added, “I urge all those who have access to various forums to first assess who could take advantage of their remarks before making them. Any remarks which [opponents] could use is wrong. … They should not make the enemy happy by their comments.”

He also referred to the waning authority of the regime’s Supreme Leader following the 2009 protests, and said, “The sedition movement tried to destroy the sanctity of the Supreme Leader for 8 months.”

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