Tahrir Square protestor: Maliki imprisons innocent Iraqis, releases Iranian regime’s murderers and bombers

On July 22, the al-Rafedain Televison reported from the site of another demonstration in the Tehrir Square in Baghdad and said: A large number of Maliki’s thugs armed with clubs and knives infiltrated the demonstrations and prevented the demonstrators from burning the Iranian regime’s flag, forcing the flag out of demonstrators’ hands.

According to witnesses, they arrested one of the protestors at the Tahrir Square and tried to arrest another person but they did not succeed, al-Rafedain TV reported.

According to al-Rafedain, Maliki’s forces opened fire on the protestors to disperse them. It said: “Government forces responded to demonstrators’ slogans by combat bullets.”

One of the demonstrators said: “We have been expressing our demands since February 25th … The Iraqi people are unjustly treated. The Maliki government is keeping innocent prisoners in its prisons but the Iranian murderers and those who have come from Iran and have exploded bombs in Iraq, are released and the government says they are innocent, but the Iraqis have to remain in prisons.”

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