Symposium in Kuwait in solidarity with Mojahedin at Camp Ashraf

Parliamentary support for the European plan to resolve Ashraf crisis

In an article entitled “Where are Kuwaiti Shiites when Camp Ashraf Shiites are massacred”, the Kuwaiti al-Seyassah Daily wrote in its front page: “Dr. Walid al-Tabatabaee, a member of Kuwait’s Parliament described the killings committed by the Iranian government and the Iraqi Prime Minister’s military at Camp Ashraf ‘crimes against humanity’ and asked the international community to take ‘serious actions for stopping them.”


“He spoke about a parliamentary statement in support of Camp Ashraf residents and solidarity with them, and criticized the U.S. government’s inaction and the Iraqi government’s steps that ‘by blockading the camp and perpetrating crimes against its residents, Iraq has become a puppet of the Iranian regime’,” al-Seyassah wrote.

In an article entitled “Kuwait Parliamentarians call for solving the crisis at Camp Ashraf”, the Kuwaiti al-Qabas Daily wrote: “Kuwaiti parliamentarians expressed concern about the April 8 attack on Camp Ashraf and stressed that the UN must directly take on protection of Ashraf.”

Other Kuwaiti media including Kuwait’s national Network, the daily newspapers al-Nahar, al-Sabah, al-Jaridah, al-Dar, al-Shahid, al-Alam-al-Youm, al-Anba, al-Ray, the al-Ajel Inofrmation Center, and the al-Aan Information Center, published reports about the support of Kuwaiti Parliamentarians of Ashraf’s Mojahedin members.

In a report entitled “The Writers Guild Symposium about the killings committed by Tehran and al-Maliki governments,” the Kuwaiti daily newspaper al-Watan wrote: “A symposium was held in Kuwait by the Writers Guild about the crimes perpetrated by Tehran and al-Maliki governments on April 8 at camp Ashraf in Iraq during which parliamentary support for the residents of Ashraf and their rights was announced.”

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